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Product Rules

With the nopCommerce plugin "Product Rules" you define dependency rules of individual products without any effort.

There are two options available for this: "allowed" and "not allowed".

As a result, you influence, that certain products may not be placed in the shopping cart at the same time with other products.

Required nopCommerce-Version: 4.0
Languages: EN / DE

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Help / Installation

Installation - How to install the plugin?


If it is ever necessary to disallow certain combinations of products in the shopping cart, you are able to control this via product rules.

The two options available are "allow" and "disallow".

After installing this plugin navigate to the new admin menu entry "Menovo Product Rules".


You will get a list of all products, for which you are able to add rules.


With a click at "edit" you will get to the details view, where you can add rules.


By pressing the button "Add" you choose products that should be allowed or disallowed.


By default the rule is created with "disallow".


By doing so it is no longer possible to add both products to the same cart.


To allow a combination and prohibit the user from adding any other to the cart you can change the type to "allow".

Whenever there is one "allow" rule existing, every other product is disallowed at the same time.


This way creating "disallow" rules in combination with an "allow" rule for the same product is redundant.

On the other hand creating multiple "allow" or "disallow" rules is possible.


Support / Help


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