What do we do with long, tedious processes at your company?
We streamline them!

All-embracing process optimisation for your IT and HR processes: menovo's internal service optimisation (ISO).

Our internal service optimisation is your theoretical strategy for the field of practice.

So, at your company you want to …

  • … get internal processes up and running?
  • … boost productivity and staff satisfaction?
  • … reduce time and effort and cut costs?

Then let menovo introduce you to its internal service optimisation.

Geared to the field of practice, this process optimisation puts a tool in your hand that starts making a difference precisely at that point where your processes are grinding gears - perhaps obsolete technical capabilities or processes that are no longer in line with your current needs.

How our 360-degree view can give you 100% more in terms of insight?

Our consultants explore the process from all angles in workshops with the persons in charge of and involved in the processes. In this manner, we offer you a 360-degree picture of strengths, weaknesses and potential.

In the first step
our process optimisation …

  • … identifies and documents the status quo of the process
  • … explores, analyses and optimises a selected process

In the second step
you receive all the benefits our process optimisation has to offer from one set of hands:

  • You recognise all domains of responsibilities, information and systems involved in the process - in all departments.
  • You discover all optimisation potential including documentation.

Identify the process

Document the process

Explore the process 

Analyse the process

Optimise the process

The result:

All-encompassing process optimisation with menovo - so realistic that it functions in theory and practice. You gain time and save money, enhance service quality and raise staff satisfaction.

The outside perspective on your internal processes and our precise instructions on how to implement optimisation produces major benefits for uniform structures. And it furthermore makes it possible to boost productivity at your enterprise. Across all department borderlines.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick (menovo GmbH)

The benefits at a glance:

  • Exclusively for you: Our optimisation is individual, specialised and detailed.
  • Perfectly prepared: ISO offers the ideal basis for perfect implementation.
  • Specific and concrete: Traceability and measurability for your process
  • More togetherness: a boost in motivation and acceptance among your staff members
  • Better performance: by virtue of clear entitlement structures, role assignments and responsibilities