Perfect process automation

Process automation with menovo:

To make sure that your internal workflow runs like an assembly line.

Internal processes often consist of obsolete systems and many manual steps.

We make these more efficient, more profitable and more productive. Completely automatically. This is because we plan effective process automation for you down to the smallest detail. This starts with a well-founded strategy that we individually tailor to the needs of your company.

At the same time, we effectively tackle all kinds of challenges in the run-up to implementation:

  • Not only good in theory - but also in practice: the strategy is then translated into a process that can be rolled out and applied
  • Good to know: you receive a complete overview of all process details
  • Thought through from start to finish: the process is fully mapped across all department borderlines
  • Perfect fit: existing and new systems are smoothly interlinked with one another

Our internal service automation's unique design offers you a one-of-a-kind advantage.

It flexibly adapts to changes and new factors. The process automation is thus just as adaptable as your company itself. At the same time, the central workflow engine serves as engine for ISA. Steering is performed via a service portal.

  • New and existing tools are first of all linked up via interfaces. Then everything is placed in a common workflow.
  • Users can order their processes conveniently and simply via the service portal.

This results in successful process automation which attains your objective in every way.

The best way to attain goals is with a good plan.

You achieve your aims and objectives most effectively with us.

Stakeholders are

  • supported in the activities to be performed in an optimum manner
  • relieved of research work and the need to lodge queries
  • presented solutions or alternatives independently
  • supplied with all the information they need
  • "managed" and "guided" through the process

Opt for quick, smooth and efficient processes.

We will be glad to provide you additional information on other benefits that our process automation has to offer at a personal meeting.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Less is more: process automation lowers your costs completely automatically
  • Better and better: quality improves along with productivity
  • Time is money: more time is gained in effect
  • Proof of sustainability: thanks to controllability and measurability (SLA tracking)
  • Hand in hand: thanks to harmonisation of the tool landscape
  • Highly compatible: a high level of adaptability is guaranteed at all times