Do your processes run smoothly - or not?

Get started with an analysis of your IT and HR processes with the Menovo Performance Check (MPC)

Many processes at your company cost unnecessary amounts of time and hence money - applications for holiday, ordering hardware, staff on-boarding.

Which ones are these at your company? We will find out.

With our Menovo performance check (MPC)

  • We evaluate the performance of your processes
  • We find the cost drivers
  • We determine the possibilities for automation

The Menovo performance check (MPC): the ideal starting point for your process optimisation.

The process analysis consists of two workshops and is based on the menovo metrics system. Together with you, we analyse, measure and document the efficiency of your processes, in this manner revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each individual process. So you find out quickly and inexpensively which process offers the greatest potential for optimisation.

Above and beyond this, we individually provide you recommendations on what actions to take on the basis of the process analysis. Moreover, we furnish you with an overview of how different levels of automation impact the performance and costs of your processes.

Process analysis with menovo – structure of our two-stage MPC workshop

1. Workshop 2. Performance workshop

1. Workshop

How does MPC work? You can find out at this free-of-charge workshop.

Step by step we

  • carry out an individual analysis of needs and identify your processes
  • specify the persons who are in charge and who are affected at your company

These hand-picked persons then record the metrics and make them available before the beginning of the second workshop.

2. Performance workshop

You are acquainted with our expertise in process automation and analysis up close and in the flesh at the 2nd workshop. Together with you, we examine the metrics that have been produced in detail.

Following the meeting, a detailed assessment of these metrics will be performed with the aid of our metric system. To conclude the process, you will receive a detailed documentation of the results for each individual process containing the following:

  • costs
  • time and effort
  • degree of automation
  • potential automation
  • different optimisation scenarios

In addition, we offer you a perfect starting point for targeted optimisation measures.

We can already reveal the obvious advantages of automation of your processes here and now:

  • performance is perfected
  • the error rate is reduced
  • information is exchanged without a hitch
  • costs are reduced
  • waiting and flow-through times are reduced

Arrange a meeting so we can advise you today. Then profit from targeted process optimisation with our Internal Service Optimisation.

The benefits at a glance:

  • A complete overview – we analyse your internal processes
  • How to automate – we determine the degree of automation
  • Huge potential – we show you the potential offered by automation
  • Simply a good idea – we provide you specific suggestions for improvements
  • Launch – we help you make the perfect launch towards process automation