Internal processes run better when you are up to date.

Non-stop process optimisation with our Managed Service.

So you have more time for the things that really matter.

Many things have become simpler in the digital age, but things have also become breathtakingly fast. If you fail to keep apace of the times, you run out of breath pretty quickly and start to fall behind. Permanent optimisation of your automated internal processes should be a given just as much as continuous updating of software on a computer.

Let us take care of it for you.
Menovo's managed service makes sure that your internal processes are always in tune with the times. So that all your hands are free to attend to the most important tasks at your business.

Dynamic instead of static.

Your internal processes are optimised on a permanent basis with menovo's managed automation service (MAS).

The current situation:

Some IT and HR processes are already automated. But lack of time, resources and technical prerequisites prevent permanent adjustment to the constantly changing business world.

Our managed service aligns your internal processes with your dynamic organisation on an ongoing basis – in real time.

MAS (managed automation service)

  • relieves you from operation, maintenance and further development of your IT and HR processes.
  • increases productivity on an ongoing basis

Documentation, process optimisation and automation are translated into a dynamic workflow that continues to develop on a permanent basis. This allows us to react flexibly and without delay to process changes, to initiate these changes, implement and continuously develop them.

Our managed service introductory package also offers you maximum flexibility:

Automation Care Service – different components guarantee you individual service.

You can freely choose among these different modules and combine them to meet your needs:

a service level
of 48 hours

a reaction time
of 2 hours

40 tickets per month / remote maintenance

service time: Monday-Friday,
9 a.m. - 6 p.m. CET

15 man-days further development

1 update per year

operation of a menovo test system

licensing, operation and support of a service portal & workshop engine

standard content care (change of 200 at a maximum)

More productivity,
more continuity,
more time.

If you want your internal IT and HR processes to run more smoothly and stay up to date:

Arrange a personal meeting now so we can advise you.

The benefits at a glance:

  • increase momentum – by improving transparency, quality and control
  • save on a sustained basis – by reducing costs
  • continuous improvement – by increasing productivity on a permanent basis
  • work more flexibly – by creating free capacities
  • simply less stress – by relieving the strain on the internal organisation
  • always up to date – thanks to automation geared to needs