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Active Directory Login

With the "Active Directory Login" plug-in, you allow users to log in to the internal system via "single sign-on". The plug-in automatically identifies its users based on the device they are using and logs them into the system. Additionally possible authentication methods are "username and password", "Facebook" or "Google".

Required nopCommerce-Version: 4.0
Languages: EN / DE

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Help / Installation

Installation - How to install the plugin?


Before using this plugin you have to edit two settings.

First of configure your webserver (e.g. IIS) to use windows-authentication for your website.

For the other one you have to edit the web.config in nopCommerce root folder.


Change "forwardWindowsAuthToken" to true.

With these two settings the currently logged in windows user account is forwarded to nopCommerce.


After installing the plugin you have to configure it settings.


To do so please navigate to "Configuration -> external authentication" in nopCommerce admin area.


There should be an entry "Active Directory Authentication" listed.

By clicking "configure" you get to the properties of the plugin.


The only one mandatory is the path to active directory (e.g. example.local) to search for the logged in windows user.


If the active directory is not accessible with the user running your webserver, you can enter credentials in the fields "AD username" & "AD password" below.

To login into nopCommerce the plugin will use the "mail" attribute from active directory users.


Whenever you prefer to be logged in automatically when opening the nopCommerce website, activate "Instant login".

Please keep in mind, that this is only possible with associated accounts.


If your nopCommerce customer does not happen to be associated with an active directory account, the plugin will try to log you in over and over again, without success.


Support / Help


For any further questions please contact our sales department.

Plug-in Overview

You need further information or would like to get advice on how to use nopCommerce as an internal portal? Please contact our sales department.