About menovo GmbH

Process consulting with menovo – always well advised.

About menovo GmbH

We are a process-improving company from Hamburg and a subsidiary of Holitzner Consulting GmbH.

menovo GmbH was founded in 2010 by Dirk Nöding and Bernd Holitzner.

We at menovo GmbH offer our customers optimisation and automation of IT and HR processes. Our portfolio of services includes process consulting, process optimisation, process automation and managed service.

Bernd Holitzner

Managing Director menovo GmbH / Process Manager

Bernd Holitzner is in charge of strategic business at menovo GmbH. Before assuming this post, he was an independent consultant in the area of process optimisation.

He flies all over the world in pursuit of strategic options. His passport could tell legions.

"Processes are subject to permanent change. Adjustments are already made when process optimisation is performed. That is why we guarantee our customers that we will remain at their side with our managed automation service. Until the process is running smoothly and thereafter."

– Dirk Nöding
"Solid processes support our customers in meeting their challenges with the aid of tools. A tool must never be an end in and of itself. That is why we consider ourselves to primarily be process optimisers."
– Bernd Holitzner

The menovo philosophy in moving images

„Our experience helping you to move forward.”

The menovo process consulting approach

Always well advised.

Optimise your business processes with our unique consulting approach: the "Menovo business-driven approach".

How often at companies does one see different views on the same subject and hence different types of implementation?

Every department does things the way it sees fit, while one and the same process is managed and optimised in different ways.

The unique advantages of our menovo business-driven approach:

  • Move forward more quickly: your company objectives are pushed forward
  • Better performance: thanks to harmonisation of interfaces
  • Simply pointing in the right direction: a uniform understanding of processes is developed
  • Perfectly executed: by virtue of optimisation of the complete process
  • Runs well: the application of equipment and technology is made more efficient (isolated solutions are discontinued)

The solution: our all-embracing, holistic process consulting advice

This unique consulting approach to the optimisation of your business processes places your business needs at the heart of it all.

This is how we make you and your company ship-shape step by step:

The first meeting Stock-taking Analysis & strategy Processes and roles

The first meeting

We get to know each other and discuss your needs.


We determine the status quo of your processes in a workshop.

Analysis & strategy

Then we identify the needs of your enterprise and your own requirements.

Processes and roles

Optimisation potentials are analysed jointly at this stage.

Our path to the objective: Identify. Define. Document. Optimise.

First of all, we identify the business needs that the process is supposed to satisfy. After this, we define, document and optimise all the processes required to meet these needs - across all departmental border lines. We only use equipment and technology to the extent required at this point.

Documentation & optimisation:

  • Definition and modelling of processes including documentation
  • Joint review of the process model and adjustments

Rely on a consulting approach that applies the right levers. Find out about additional benefits offered by our process consulting at an individual meeting.

Additional services on offer

We have even more to offer

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