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High time to optimise your HR and IT processes

Would you like to see your internal business processes run completely automatically - like clockwork?

We analyse and identify valuable optimisation potential at your enterprise and guarantee sustained benefits: more efficiency, more productivity, more cost savings and flexibility for HR and IT processes.

more efficiency

more productivity

more cost savings

more flexibility

Our services

Optimise your HR and IT processes

Reputed enterprises are already profiting now from the many advantages that can be leveraged through our wide-ranging services: from process consulting to process optimisation and process automation all the way to managed services. We have more to offer than you expect.

Process analysis (MPC)

Get started with a process analysis of your IT and HR processes with our menovo performance check

Process optimisation (ISO)

Ensure all-embracing process optimisation of your IT and HR processes through: internal service optimisation

Process automation (ISA)

Perfect your process automation with our internal service automation

Managed Service (MAS)

Enable non-stop process optimisation with our managed automation service

Self-Service Portal (MSP)

Profit from a central self-service portal for all IT and HR processes: menovo service portal

Our aim and objective is your success.

We are ready to ensure your success at any and all times: with our experience, passion and tremendous know-how.

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